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Our Smithtown, Long Island, dental office is dedicated to painless, wellness-focused dentistry as well as outstanding customer service in all aspects of your treatment. Our health-centered approach combines non-toxic materials with minimally invasive, tooth-conserving dental techniques, allowing you to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime. That is why many dentists, dental ceramists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants trust Dr. Alex Shvartsman with their – and their families – smiles!

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State-of-the-Art 21st Century Integrative Dentistry

LI Center for Healthier Dentistry utilizes the most current technology available in the field of dentistry. We are the only restorative dental practice in the Smithtown, Long Island, New York, area that uses Biomimetic Dentistry: an advanced, science-based tooth reconstruction approach which mimics the physical and aesthetic properties of natural teeth. We also utilize the Functional Medicine paradigm – a therapeutic partnership between patient and practitioner that addresses the whole person and not just an isolated set of symptoms – in order to help our patients restore all of their body’s systems to full health. Because of these advanced practices, LI Center for Healthier Dentistry stands out as the most technologically advanced dental office on Long Island.

Multi-Specialty Team

LI Center for Healthier Dentistry is a multidisciplinary dental office. Our restorative dentists and dental specialists work together under one roof to provide comprehensive approaches to all your dental needs. In addition to having an extensive dental education, Dr. Alex Shvartsman is a Naturopathic Physician who integrates the best of modern dentistry with natural healing techniques. Our doctors and support staff are hand-selected by Dr. Shvartsman and trained in his integrative, holistic approach to dental care.  They include: two restorative Biomimetic Dentists, a Holistic Root Canal Specialist, and a Gum Disease Laser Periodontist / Dental Implant Specialist.  Together, they provide a complete treatment, eliminating your need for different dental offices!

Your Comfort Is A Top Priority

Dental treatment does not have to be barbaric, painful, or scary. In addition to Nitrous Oxide (relaxation gas) and waterfalls, our treatment rooms are equipped with super-soft dental chairs, neck pillows, cozy blankets, and a TV for entertainment. Our calming décor and new-age music helps ease minds and soothe spirits. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art noise reduction headphones and quieter electric drills provide an even more tranquil dental experience. Many patients also enjoy our complementary warm hand moisturizing treatments during their visit as well as a refreshing, lavender-infused cloth after their treatment. Additionally, calming DoTerra organic essential oils are diffused throughout the office and are offered to patients during their treatment to naturally reduce anxiety. Combined with our gentle dental care, our relaxing environment ensures comfort and a tranquil state of mind.

Painless Dentistry

We are committed to painless dental care. Needle-free injections, custom-made proprietary numbing gel, and lasers are just some of the ways we make dental anesthesia comfortable. Our doctors ensure you are completely numb before treatment, and they will never continue treatment if you are not comfortably numb. For those who are anxious during dental treatments, we offer nitrous oxide (sweet air), Xanax, or Valium to help in relaxation. For the very apprehensive patient, we offer sleep or sedation dentistry. IV sedation and supervision by a board certified anesthesiologist is also available. Our methods are so effective, many of our patients have even fallen asleep during their treatment!

Today’s Lifestyle Can Be Hectic and Your Time Is Valuable.

You do not need to take time off of work or find a babysitter to have treatment at our office. We offer convenient early morning, evening, and weekend appointments. One-visit laser root canal therapy, CEREC CAD/CAM one-visit crown technology, and fourteen-second 3-D X-rays are just some of the ways we take advantage of modern dental advances in order to decrease the number of visits for most dental procedures.

Your Appearance Affects All Aspects Of Your Daily Life.

Our philosophy is that all dentistry should be cosmetic, from a simple filling to new dentures. Dr. Shvartsman's natural artistic ability, advanced training in the areas of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Occlusion, and his passion, combined with his love for dentistry, assure you are in capable and caring hands. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the confidence that comes with a great smile!

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The TOP 3 Biggest Dental Mistakes People Make.

Over the past twenty years, Dr. Alex Shvartsman has been watching patients make the same mistakes over and over again, usually to the detriment of both their health and their bank accounts. These errors in judgment are usually based around fear, misunderstanding, and the lack of knowledge about the true extent of their problems. Sadly, the long-term consequences of poor dental health care decisions – or lack thereof – can be devastating and crippling, both physically and emotionally.

By avoiding the three most common dental healthcare pitfalls, you will not only have a much better chance of keeping your natural teeth for a lifetime, you will also significantly reduce the cost of your dental care as well as your pain and suffering. Additionally, you will save time and avoid inconvenient dental emergencies such as before an important event or when you are on vacation.

1. Avoiding professional cleanings and exams.

Many people skip their professional dental cleaning and regular doctor exams in order to save money or because they “don’t have dental insurance”.

Here are the facts:

The vast majority of extracted teeth, root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures, and large fillings all begin with a teeny, tiny cavity. If a cavity is identified in its earliest stages using the advanced and minimally-invasive diagnostic technology at LI Center for Healthier Dentistry, it may be reversed or healed using a combination of modern and ancient cavity healing protocols. Slightly larger cavities may be treated with a laser, ozone, or a minimally-invasive, tooth-conserving filling. Fast diagnosis of these small, early cavities is the key to avoiding major tooth destruction, terrible pain, life-threatening infection, and expense in both money and time.

Nearly every tooth that has been extracted because of gum disease, bone loss, gum recession, or gum abscess, or has undergone extensive and expensive gum disease treatment, all began with Stage I gum disease. Stage I gum disease is 100% reversible if identified and treated early!

Allowing teeth, bone, and gums to deteriorate in order to save a few dollars during a cleaning is one of the worst health care decisions one can make. Dr. Alex Shvartsman has seen this all-too-common mistake lead to the destruction of countless teeth and the waste of tens-of-thousands of hard earned dollars.

You would not ignore cancer or let it get worse, would you? So why do the same for your teeth?

If you are someone who hates going to the dentist due to awful past experiences, avoiding treatment is arguably the worst thing you can do! What will actually happen is the exact thing you are trying to avoid: major tooth problems, pain, suffering, embarrassment, increased cost of treatment, more time in the dental chair, and compounded anxiety. Sadly, Dr. Alex Shvartsman has seen this time and time again.

Coming to LI Center for Healthier Dentistry on a regular basis for cleanliness and check-ups helps to avoid these problems!

DENTAL TIP#1: Preschedule your next dental cleaning before you leave the dental office!

2. Refusing dental X-rays.

Cost and radiation!

First, it is important to understand that X-rays are still the best way to identify small cavities that cannot be seen with the eye. There are also many other potential problems shown by dental X-rays that are worthwhile to know about, especially if keeping your teeth and staying healthy is your goal.

Radiation: Conventional dental X-rays are the lowest form of medical X-rays. Adversely, the worst digital dental X-rays have at least 90% less radiation than conventional film X-rays. Digital X-rays contain the best sensors, not only to show more detail, but also to allow the dentist to make better decisions about your treatment. LI Center for Healthier Dentistry uses even more advanced digital X-rays that have 99% less radiation than conventional dental X-rays!

Cost: If you truly cannot afford dental X-rays, it is important that you locate a dental school or residency program in your area. They can get your dental care done for significantly less. Taking away a doctor’s ability to rule out tooth decay, gum disease, infections, tumors, and a host of other problems will hurt you financially, dentally, and ruin your health.

3. Dragging out dental treatment.

The primary reason most people drag out dental treatment is because they think they cannot afford it. Not surprisingly, fear is a close second. Conventional wisdom dictates that you can afford things if you pace them out. While this may work when redoing a bathroom in your house, it is a disaster strategy when it comes to your dental health care.

Not having a proposed treatment done as quickly as possible leads to the same outcome as not knowing you have a dental health problem to begin with. Your pain, suffering, time wasted, cost, stress, and emotional anguish will all increase.

LI Center for Healthier Dentistry is a friendly, caring, compassionate, and gentle dental office that makes dentistry affordable through a variety of short and long-term payment plans, even if you have bad credit.

DENTAL TIP #2:  Get your mouth healthy in the shortest time possible and move on with your life, having one less problem to worry about.

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