You have been prescribed antibiotics in order to prevent an infection or to treat an infection that your immune system can no longer handle.  Before antibiotics, death from a tooth infection was common.  While its true that antibiotics are overprescribed, we are very selective before we advise antibiotic use.

Antibiotics are a double edge sword. The type of antibiotics used for dental needs are broad-spectrum antibiotics. That means they kill all kinds of different bacteria;  the bad bugs as well as the good.

Most people already know that antibiotics destroy and disrupt our normal gut microflora (the complex bacterial make-up of our gut).  That’s why it is important for you to follow our directions how to naturally rebuild your gut bacterial back to normal.

The easiest way to rebuild your symbiotic gut microflora find a good probiotic. It does not matter if it is refrigerated or not. What IS important is that the probiotic you use contains several species of Solid Based Bacteria (SBB). A  great brand is Primal Probiotics by Primal Nutrition. You will find a link on our shopping tab under “supplements” link below:

In addition, it’s important to eat a variety of facto-fermented foods such as dairy and vegetables.  Examples are kimchee, raw pickles, raw sauerkraut, or other veggies. Its fun to make your own all you need is the Internet, a glass jar and a few easy to find ingredients. Many people love making my own fermented veggies. Carrots are one of my favorites! If you chose to eat yogurt, find organic grass fed yogurt that is FULL FAT.  Whole Foods has a great variety of naturally facto-fermented veggies as well as plain full fat organic yogurts.

A video on Dr. Alex Shvartsman’s probiotic shake is available on our YouTube channel:

Probiotic Instructions:

During the week of antibiotic use and the following week take DOUBLE the recommended dose and don’t forget to eat fermented foods.  After 2 weeks continue normal dose daily probiotic use for at least 3 months.


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