Gum Disease Adjunctive Protocol

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, you are not alone. Studies show that about 80% of the population has some stage of gum disease.  At Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry we believe that treatment is just as important as prevention.  Below are products we recommend to help you achieve successful and long lasting outcome in treating your gum disease.

Gum disease is a chronic, painless disease that is inflammatory in nature.  Many of the diseases we are suffering and dying of today have inflammation at their core. Gum disease adds to the inflammatory load on the body and is linked to many of these diseases.

We advise beginning this adjunctive program after your first gum disease treatment.

Oral-B Triumph: the best electric tooth brush on the market, it comes with a small skinny head and pointy bristles which help to maintain your teeth plaque-free.  We have found that using an electric tooth brush is very effective in maintaining a cleaner mouth.

Periostat: This prescription medicine turns off the enzymes that destroy collagen in your bone and gums around your teeth.  It is ultra-low antibiotic, which does not kill bacteria, but has the side effect of enzyme inhibition. We advise to take it for 3 months only.

Ozonated water / Therasol Rinses: Both Ozone and Therasol are very effective in killing bacteria. We advise using daily rinses for at least 6 months and then cutting back to a few times a week if you like.

Vitamin K2: This vital nutrient is a calcium transporter. It removes calcium form places it does not belong, like tartar buildup on your teeth and put it where it does belong like your bones and teeth!  Many patients suffering form gum disease build lots of tatar which harbors billions of gum disease causing bacteria. So keeping tartar accumulation low is the name of the game!  Vitamin K2 is naturally found in grass fed fat such as butter and meat. It can be supplemented as well. there are 2 forms of vitaminK2, MK4 is found in animal fat and MK7 is found in a fermented bean paste called Nato. We recommend taking a K2 complex that contains both forms.

EvoraPro: This prescription strength probiotic re-establishes the normal symbiotic bacteria in your mouth.  It has many clinical studies showing its effectiveness. Begin taking this probiotic 1 month after beginning the disinfection mouth rinses, and continue indefinitely. EvoraPlus is available on line, but is less effective.

JuicePlus: This supplement has been shown in clinical studies to improve gum health. It contains all the goodness of fruits, vegetables and berries without the sugar.  Unless you eat a clean, nutrient rich diet with lots of different fruits, berries and veggies, this supplement is very healthful and reduces not only gum inflammation but total body inflammation and re-establishes health.

Therasol Tartar Dissolver:  Many people who suffer from gum disease, build a lot of tartar, the hardened mineralized plaque that clings to the teeth like barnickles cling to a rock.  If you build a lot of tartar, and vitamin K2 supplementation is not enough, using this product can be very helpful.

These products are available at our office or you are free to purchase them on your own, the choice is yours.  The more of these products you use the better your results will be.

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