How to make Ozonated Water at Home

Why ozonated water is so beneficial:

Ozone (O3) is lethal to all germs.  Ozone effectively kills viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, prions and yeast.  It has no chemical by-products and is non-toxic.  It is very effective after oral surgery and to maintain healthy gums and teeth.  People with high decay rates and gum disease will benefit the most. Patients with dental implants or a lot of crowns and bridges would greately benefit from ozonated water rinses.

What you will need:

  1. Dr. Shvartsman's ozone water generator (if usng another machine, make sure no plastic parts and not made in China or a third world country)
  2. 1 gallon glass bottle or container (ozone degrades plastic)
  3. refrigerator

Attach the stone diffuser  to silicone tube. (Use the large ball diffuser for large containers, the small cylindrical diffuser is used  narrow neck bottles.)  Plug in the ozone generator and place the silicone tube with the diffuser into cold water.(cold water absorbs more ozone). Adding a few ice cubes to your water does the trick or you can refrigerate your water over night to cool it. you can also freeze ozonated water and use those ice cubes to further cool your water. Ozonate large containers for 1 hour, glass for 10 minutes. Ozonated water will stay fresh for 2 weeks if kept refrigerated. Frozen ozonated water will last forever if kept frozen. You can freeze the ozonated water and use these icecubes for cuts, scrapes or bruises on your body. The cold will reduce swelling and bleeding and the ozone will disinfect.

Rinse your mouth with ozonated water for 2 minutes 1-2 times a day.  Ozonated water makes an otherwise usless water-flosser device a germ killing and biofilm dissolving apparatus. You can use ozonated water in a Netti Pot for sinus infections. Apply to cuts or ulcerson the body.

You can find many uses for your ozonated water around the house.

It is great to disinfect kitchen counter tops and cutting boards. Rinse your fruits , veggies and meats. Cleaning your toilet.  Let us know what other uses you came up with!

You are re only limited by your imagination!


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