Immediate Surgical Dentures

Instructions of how to take care of your new immediate surgical dentures afer tooth extraction.

The first few days may be challanging, as the days go in you will feel better and better.  always judge each day relatie to the days prior.

Leave your new dentures in for the first 24 hours.

You will return in 24 hours to our office, so that Dr Shvartsman can show you how to remove them and ah=just any irritation spots.

Wear your dentures full time day 2-8 post surgery. Only take them out to rinse out after meals and before bed.

Return 7 days after extractions for suture removal.

After day 8 leave your Immediate Surgical dentures at night. Soak them in the provided container.

Be careful to brush the soft inner lining, when it becomes more firm you can gently brush the inside.

Return as often as needed for denture adjustment to relieve any sore areas.

As your gums heal we will reline with the soft liner as needed.

Your Immediate Surgical dentures are meant to be temporary.  A new set can be made 6 months to a year after extractions. However, if you are happy with one or both of the dentures, you may choose to do a Permanent Lab reline.  As your gums and bone heal and recontour, you may need additional relines as needed (when dentures become loose).

Follow the denture instructions provided.

Be patient, like many others before you, you will adjust to your new dentures. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or problems.

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