Wear aligners as often as possible

Your teeth only move when the Invisalign aligners are in your mouth. When you remove them your teeth begin to slowly shift back. Therefore it is important to wear your aligners as long as possible. Only remove the aligners when you eat, drink or clean your teeth.

Removing aligners

Remove the aligners by popping off both sides from the back and move towards the center by “jimmying” them off. NEVER rip them out by holding one side only. This will warp and weaken the aligner resulting in poor aligner adaptation and breakage.

Replacing aligners

If the aligner breaks during the first week, call the office we will order you another one free of charge. Continue wearing the torn aligner or switch back to the previous aligner until you get your replacement. If this occurs during the second week move on to the next set for 1 week. Continue wearing the other aligner and change it at the appropriate time.  This means you will be wearing one aligner for 3 weeks and one for 2 weeks.

Switching aligners

The aligners are changed every two weeks. Mark down on the package the day you began and the proposed end date (2 weeks later). Switch to the next aligner right before you go to sleep on day 14. This way all the pressure and possible discomfort occurs while you sleep and you will have a much more comfortable Invisalign experience.

Save ALL your aligners.

Clean, and dry the finished set. Place it in its original zip-lock package and place it into a large zip-lock bag or other container that you can close and not lose.  Occasionally it may be necessary to re=wear your aligners, so do not throw them out or lose them.  If some time in the future your teeth begin to shift back, you will have your aligners to re-straighten your teeth fro FREE!

Cleaning the aligners:

NEVER USE TOOTHPASTE! It will scratch the clear plastic, and make it stain more.  Use either denture toothpaste or make your own with a slurry of backing soda and peroxide. NERVER USE HOT WATER as it will warp and damage your aligners.

The aligners belong “in your face or in the case”

Never leave them in your pocket, a napkin, a table or a counter-top as you will lose them. Lost aligners cost $125 each.

Your hardest days will be day 1 and day 2.

You will struggle getting them on and off, you will be frustrated, you will regret getting Invisalign, but by day 3 you will become and Invisalign expert.  I have successfully treated teens as young as 12 and seniors as old as 88. I have treated signers, actors, speech therapists and people from all walks of life. They all did great and so will you! Be patient.  It will get easier as the days go by and as your teeth become straighter.

Use the aligner chewies (green silicone cylinders) daily.

Using the chewies helps to seat the aligners on your teeth, and express the full effect of Invisalign. At least 15 minutes per day. It does not have to be 15 minutes in a row. Break it up for your convenience and comfort as you wish.  Good times to chew is while your drive, watch TV,  or use your computer. Chewing in the aligners is critical especially when you first put them in and especially in the beginning of the two-week wear cycle.

Eating & drinking

You CAN drink cold water, seltzer or clear alcohol such as vodka or silver tequila on the rocks with no citrus.  NEVER drink hot, acidic, sugary or colored beverages with the aligners in your mouth as this will stain your teeth or cause tooth decay.  NEVER eat with your aligners in your mouth.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Shvartsman directly: (631)361-3577.  Remember there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers!

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