Vivera Retainer Wear

Invisalign Vivera retainers are the best clear retainer available today. Specifically designed by Invisalign, these retainers are fast becoming the standard of care in retention after orthodontics.

Many dentists use vivera retainers following Invisalign as well as conventional braces. Vivera retainers come as a set of four. All clear retainers deform with time and become less efective in holding oyur teeth in place. Studies confirm that Vivera retainers are the longest lasting celar retainer available today.

Research conducted at the University of Washington followed thousands of orthodontic patients over 20 years. The purpose of the study was to determine stability after orthodontic treatment. That is, how long did straight teeth stay straight after braces were removed. Their findings are the basis of Dr. Shvartsman's current retention protocol. The study found that the patients that had the straightest teeth also had retainers that they were consistently wearing.

That was the number one reason for their straight teeth was continued and consistent retainer wear. It did not matter whether you had third molars removed, or other teeth removed. Retainer wear fluctuated from a day to several days a week. Of course, every individual will vary in the amount of relapse and some patients will be more prone to relapse and tooth movement after treatment thus, some patients will need to wear their retainers to keep their teeth straight more often than others.

Another study found that the majority of relapse (teeth shifting back) occurred during the first six months. this is so, because the bone around your teeth takes about 6 months to stabilize and solidify. this is why your teeth feel loose after you finish Invisalign or Braces. 

Our current Vivera protocol:

Retainer #1: 3 months full time wear (22 hrs a day)

Retainer #2: 3 months full time wear (22 hrs a day)

Retainer #3: 1 years every night only

Retainer #4: 1 years every night only

After 2.5 years of retainer wear you can decide if you want to continue wearing your "used" Vivera retainers or order a fresh new set. Price will depend on Invisalign Lab Fee at the time.

Dr. Shvartsman highly recommends that retainer wear should be for life.

You invested significant money, effort and time to get your smile looking great! It would be a shame for your teeth to shift back.

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