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Common Dental Holistic Pitfalls Part

Over the years of treating many holistic and wellness minded people, there are common mistakes people routinely make that ruin their teeth.  There is no doubt that we all want to live healthier, longer and better lives. Unfortunately, people are getting sicker and sicker at an increasingly younger age.  We all know that prevention is the key to health, however sometimes our holistic prevention practices may do harm as well as good.  When it comes to the mouth there are 3 common blunders that people make that have a seriously negative impact on our oral health. Read more about Common Dental Holistic Pitfalls Part

Dangerous Toothaches

There are a many reasons why our teeth hurt or ache. The next group of articles will discus the most common ones.

One of the most dangerous toothaches is when the nerve becomes so infected that it literally rots inside your tooth.  This process is both painful and long. It is often ignored for too long, sometimes causing life-threatening infections. Read more about Dangerous Toothaches

Healthier Dentistry

In just a few short months, The Center for Healthier Dentistry will open its doors in Smithtown, Long Island.  The purpose of this new state of the art dental office is to provide Holisitc Dentistry in a way that is healthier, painless, and minimally invasive. Mindful of how oral health and treatment affects whole body and how the function of the body affects oral health.  Read more about Healthier Dentistry

New Tooth Repair Gel Heals Cavities

Dentists have been drilling out cavities and filling teeth with all sorts of synthetic materials that are completely different than the actual natural tooth.  Often the materials inside the fillings are toxic such as mercury, nickel, cadmium, Bisphenol-A, gluteraldehyde, formocresol to name a few. In addition, these fillings often harm the tooth over time causing cracks, bacterial micro-leakage, and more tooth decay, root canal, and tooth extractions. Read more about New Tooth Repair Gel Heals Cavities

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