Affordable Dental Care

Investing into predictable, long lasting dental treatment is one way to make your hard earned dollars work for you over the long term.  Having to constantly replace cheap, shoddy dental work will cost you much more in the long run.
Sadly, the cost is not only financial. The cost in time, pain, psychological distress and most importantly health may be more devastating Read more about Affordable Dental Care

The Reality of Dental Insurance You May Not Know, But Should

The most common question we get from perspective new patients is not “Is Dr. Shvartsman gentle?” or “Is Dr. Shvartsman a good dentist," the most common question we get is “Why aren’t you on the list of my company says are Preferred Providers?”  or " "do you take my insurance in full?" These is questions are also asked by our existing patients when their employer switches their dental insurance to a cheaper HMO/PPO or a Capitation plan. I could give you a wishy-washy, sugar coated answer-some dentists do. But I think my patients deserve the real answer. Read more about The Reality of Dental Insurance You May Not Know, But Should

Patient Referral Rewards

Referring friends and family to our practice is one of the biggest compliments you can give us! We sincerely appreciate your confidence and trust. As a way to show our gratitude we will credit your account at our office with $25 Smile Dollars.

Although smile dollars have no actual cash value, they can be used towards any out of pocket expenses in our practice at any time.

Many patients save up their smile dollars for cosmetic procedures not assisted by their dental insurance such as tooth whitening or cosmetic dentistry. Read more about Patient Referral Rewards

Flexible Payment Plans

In today's tough economy many Long Island dental patients are looking for denal payment plans to make dentisry affordable. As a small business  our Long Island dental office is not in position to extend credit like a bank or a financial institution can. However, we do work with several companies such as Care Credit and City Health Card that extend credit for qualified applicants. Dr. Shvartsman actually will pay the interst for you up to 18 months so that you can have your dental work done in our Smithown Dental Office today and pay it off over time, interest free. Read more about Flexible Payment Plans

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