Meet Dr. Diana Kopach

She truly cares for every patient she treats.

Dr. Diana Kopach is a Holistic Restorative Dentist at LI Center for Healthier Dentistry in Smithtown, New York. One of the top students at the New York University Dental School, she completed an additional year of post-doctorate education as part of a General Practice Residency at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, serving underprivileged patients.

Dr. Kopach is a perfect fit for our dental practice.

Dr. Kopach came highly recommended by her professors and teachers for her outstanding clinical skills. An artist by nature, she takes pride in creating beautiful smiles and dental restorations. Her focus on patient comfort and holistic approaches to dental care make her an ideal addition to the office, and her patients are quickly eased by her smile. Trained by Dr. Shvartsman in his unique approach to dental care, Dr, Kopach has fully embraced the Holistic Dental Treatment Paradigm, and she is excited to continue her education in both modern dentistry and alternative medicine. In addition, Dr. Kopach follows a holistic lifestyle and enjoys meditation retreats.

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