Meet Dr. Marsheh

Dr. Marsheh is a Holistic Endodontist at LI Center for Healthier Dentistry. He earned his first dental degree overseas, and he practiced in underserved areas for two years, where he focused on endodontic treatment, until he moved to the United States. He received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the New York University College of Dentistry and practiced General Dentistry for one year thereafter, until earning his specialty degree in endodontics from the Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. While completing his specialty training, Dr. Marsheh conducted research at New York University that focused on “anxiety toward endodontic treatment.” He also has advanced training in the Laser PIPS protocol, Ozone root canal therapy, and Biomimetic Dentistry, and he embraces a holistic approach to dental care.

Dr. Marsheh’s philosophy strives to “…reduce the anxiety and stress that accompany an endodontic treatment experience, provide each individual patient with care, comfort, and knowledge prior to treatment, and achieve optimal results in the shortest amount of time.”

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