All-Ceramic Crowns

Metal-Free Crowns or All-Ceramic Crowns have evolved over the past 40 years to become predictable and highly esthetic dental reiterations. Over 40 years ago metal-free Porcelain Jacket crowns were introduced. They were conventionally cemented and were made from the same feldspathic porcelain tah goes on a metal-ceramic crown. Porcelain Jacket crowns were prone to fracture and chipping.

Today, stronger, more advanced ceramics have been developed. They are highly aesthetic and have similar hardness and wear characteristics to natural enamel.

What are advantages of Porcelain Crowns?

  • Highly aesthetic
  • Transmit light like natural teeth
  • Mimic natural teeth
  • No black line at gum line
  • Similar wear as enamel
  • Can be made in one visit using CERE
  • Bonded to the tooth for improved strength

Are All-Porcelain crowns more expensive?

Some dentists charge more for Metal-Free crowns, but Dr. Shvartsman does not.

How long do All-Porcelain crowns last?

Dr. Shvartsman uses e.max, a new ceramic that is 4 times stronger tan the porcelain on "regular" Porcelain-metal crowns. e.max is almost impossible to break or chip if the tooth is prepared correctly.  Porcelain chipping on regular crowns is one of the main reasons they are replaced.  e.max crowns should last a very long time.

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