All-On-Four Dental Implant Bridge

Developed and tested by Dental implant innovating giant: Nobel Biocare. The All-On-Four protocol was developed as an affordable dental bridge option for patients who do not want to wear dentures. In addition it is possible to avoid sinus lift surgery with this protocol.

Full arch dental implant restoration bridges are the most complicated dental restoration to execute. Not all dentists are trained in its protocol. Dr. Shvartsman completed a 2year Dental Implant Fellowship and is highly trained and skilled at full arch reconstruction.  He has restored many full arch dental implant bridges including All-On-Four dental implants.  

An additional option is to attach a temporary dental bridge to the implants at the time of surgery, there by giving patients a non -removable temporary at the time of implant placemet. This is also known as Teeth-In-A-Day dental implants.

Our affordable Flat Fee will allow you to throw your old dentures away or never need full dentures in the first place.

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