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Take a look at this photo. That's the patient's natural tooth on the right. Dr. Shvartsman's Biomimetic filling is in the middle, on the far left is a non-anatomic commonly seen white filling done by some other dentist (we call these "white amalgams").

Our teeth are a remarkable feat of biologic engineering. In fact, human teeth are designed so well that they have not changed for the past 200,000 years.  Their perfect design is a balance between biologic, mechanical, functional, and esthetic parameters.

Unfortunately, humans stopped living their natural lives, in harmony with nature, and began a life of farmed and proceeded food, what we call "civilization". Our civilized lives of comfort and convenience is at the cost of our health. Tooth decay and its synthetic reconstruction is at the heart of this matter.

Below is a clever video by one of my biomimetic dental colleagues.

Biomimetics can be defined as "the study of structure and function of biological systems as models for the design and engineering of materials".  "Biomimetic Dentistry", a term coined by Dr. Pascal Mange  a professor at the University of Southern California is defined as the reconstruction of teeth to emulate their natural biomechanical an esthetic form and function. Biomimetic Dentistry is the most current, science supported approach to treating weak, fractured, and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong, seals them from bacterial invasion. This approach has the potential to  make restored teeth last significantly longer.

Dr. Shvartsman is a graduate of the Alleman-Deliperi Center for Biomimetic Dentistry. Dentists that follow this  approach, like Dr. Shvartsman, focus on reproducing the biomechanics and esthetic properties of intact healthy teeth using the latest techniques and materials. Biomimetic Dentists study and strive to fully understand the stress and strain of individual teeth under function.  This allows restorative techniques to be optimized and proper materials to be used to rebuild the various layers of your teeth

Unfortunately, most dentists are still using antiquated Civil War age fillings and crowns in a world of space age materials and techniques.

Careful sealing against infection eliminates  the need for 60% to 90% of the crowns and root canal treatments  of traditional "drill and fill" dentistry.  Dr. Shvartsman does not simply "dig out decay and fill holes".  He restores teeth using modern adhesive materials, composite fillings and porcelains in a way that rebuilds teeth as close to their original structure, function  and esthetics as possible with today's most current dental materials. The underlying principle of Biomimetic Dentistry is conservative dentistry. We make every effort to conserve as much of your own healthy teeth as possible.

Dr. Shvartsman Interview:

Dr. Shvartsman is the only dentist in the Smithtown area to be trained in and practice Biomimetic Dentistry. Together with Dr. Howard Golan, Dr. Shvartsman is a co-founder of New York Center for Biomimetic Dentistry*

Recently a team of dentists, including Dr. Shvartsman, formed the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry.  The purpose of this nonprofit organization of biomimetic dentists is to of educate  other dentists in the philosophy and techniques of Biomimetic Dentistry so that more patients may benefit from healthier, longer lasting dental restorations in the United States. There are currently only 200 Biomimetic Dentists in the United States.

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