Composite-Resin Tooth Colored Fillings

Dr. Shvartsman, practicing in Smithtown Long Island, only places natural looking white fillings. There are many advantages to composite resin fillings. They are bonded to the tooth and thereby help to strengthen the tooth from the inside. Since Dr. Shvartsman adheres to the Biomimetic Dentistry principles, his fillings are made of composite resin materials that act like dentin and enamel an therefore behave just like the tooth. They work in harmony with the natural tooth. This ensures a long lasting filling and tooth. Dr. Shvartsman is a natural artist and takes pride in mimicking the natural shape, contour and color of natural teeth. he even take the time to custom stain each filling so it blends well with the adjacent teeth. Contrary to popular belief, composite fillings are strong and long lasting.

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