Computer Guided Implant Placement

Many people do not consider dental implants as a means to replace missing teeth because they are afraid of the surgery required to place dental implants.  Their concerns are well justified. Implant surgery can be risky.

The Old Way

Traditional dental implant surgery is based on 2-D dental x-rays. In order to properly visualize the bone large incisions have to be made and the gums cut away form the bone. The surgeon has to eyeball the proper angle and direction of the dental implant. The process consists of many stop, check and drill steps with the need to take multiple x-rays to confirm that the path of the dental drill is correct.

Even with all the checks and x-rays, many implants are not placed ideally. Some implants are drilled in to the sinuses, nerves, outside the bone, adjacent teeth, other implants or in locations and angles not conducive for proper implant restoration. This occurs because the entire procedure is based on the surgeons experience, skill and steady hand. Unfortunately, human error is an unavoidable reality.

Even the best surgeons do not consistently place perfectly positioned dental implants and make mistakes.

The Modern way

Today, at State of the Art Comfort Dentistry, we take advantage modern advanced technology to make dental implant placement safe, predictable, with significantly less risk, stitches, pain, swelling and risk of infection by using  computer assisted guided dental implant placement.

The Process of making the Implant Surgical Guide:

A 3-D Digital scan of the jaw bone is taken using our Galileos CBCT low radiation digital x-rays system. It is then combined with our 3-D scan of the teeth and empty tooth space and gums using the CEREC CAD/CAM which is a3-D surface scanning technology. The final tooth shape is designed in the CEREC computer and related to the 3-D Galileos image of the bone. Using our innovative software the ideal implant length, shape, and position is designed in our computer. Finally a surgical guide is made using this information. The implant surgical guide allows dental implant placement that is faster, safer, more precise and predictable.

In addition, many dental implant procedures can now be done without incisions and stitches!  In addition, guided implant surgery makes multiple check x-rays no longer necessary. Less time spend during surgery, smaller to no incisions equates to less risk of infection, swelling, bleeding and pain after surgery. This level of predictability is a true leap forward in dental implant treatment. By planning the implant surgery ahead of time, all the risks are drastically minimized and avoided.

Galileos 3-D Implant Planning Software

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