Cosmetic Gum Lift

How your gums frame your teeth are sometimes just as important as how your teeth look. Many people have a gummy smile or uneven gum around the teeth.

A gummy smile exposed too much gums when the patient fully smiles. Many people are so self conscious of this, they try to limit their smile in, hide their smiles or try to avoid smiling al together. But it does not have to be this way!

Often your own beautiful teeth are hiding under excessive gum tissue

Complete Gummy Smile

There are several procedures that can be done to lessen the gummy look. It starts with a thorough diagnosis of the cause. Dr. Shvartsman has extensive training in Cosmetic Dentistry and with his artistic eye can I identify why you display excessive gums during smiling.

There can be several causes:

  • excessive lip retraction
  • long upper jaw
  • excessive gum tissue around teeth
  • combination of the above factors

Once the problem is diagnosed a treatment plan will be formulated to help you improve the gummy smile.

Partial Gummy Smile

Sometimes only one or few teeth have excessive gum around them. This can ruin a perfect smile especially if it is around a single front tooth.  Often a simple plastic surgery procedure to reshape the gums around the tooth can be performed. Where indicated our dental lasers can be used to reshape excessive gum tissues.

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