Dental Serum Biocompatibility Testing

Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry is proud to be one of the few dental offices to offer Individualized Serum Biocompatibility Testing in New York State.  You no longer need to travel to New Jersey or Connecticut  to get tested!  Dr. Alex  Shvartsman will conveniently draw blood right in the office saving you time and hassle. Biocompatibility testing checks your serum for antibodies to a broad range of materials as well as materials specifically used in our Holistic Long Island dental office.  Finally New York resents can have the benefit of serum Biocompatibility testing.

Testing basis & limitations

All dental materials can cause side effects or adverse reactions in susceptable individuas.. Some of these reactions are significant, others are not. The objective of Serum Biocompatibility Testing is to alert both the patient and his or her doctor to the relative compatibility each dental material has with the patient's immune system.

This test provides information on the patient's relative serum reactivity to all the known dental components currently registered in our database. Some manufactures are reluctant to disclose their complete formulae. Please note that manufacturers may alter their formulae up to ten percent without being required to inform anyone -- including the FDA -- of these changes. However this is the best dental material biocompatability analysis we have available to day.

What is serum compatibility?

Individualozed Dental Serum  Compatibility testing is a blood serum test that determines measurement of immunoglobulins and proteins which are capable of reacting with components and corrosion products from dental materials.

Testing standards

We use Biocomp Laboratories, Inc. Serum Compatibility analysis is virtually unique in that specimen testing is performed in a laboratory licensed under CLIA (Clinical Laboratories Improvement Act) and guided by a PhD trained in the methodology of this type of testing. The CLIA licensing process is regularly satisfied to assure quality of reagents, temperature of reactions, recording and testing device standards, competence of personnel, and consistency of reporting standards. In addition, material handling methodologies and testing standards are continually upgraded in accordance with research findings and regulatory requirements.

Reaction levels for the purposes of this Serum Compatibility testing report:

  • HIGHLY REACTIVE indicates a dense reaction pattern as determined by precise optical scanner measurement. At this reaction level potential for damage is high and use of these highly reactive materials is discouraged for this patient.
  • MODERATELY REACTIVE indicates a measured reactivity which is less than the highly reactive response. When no materials are present in the least reactive category then these materials could be considered for use based on the health practitioner's clinical experience and professional judgement. Another option would be to use another category's least reactive material in its' place.
  • LEAST REACTIVE suggests that most peoples' immune systems could tolerate exposure to these materials at this level with little or no measurable response.

Long Isalnd Center for Healthier Dentistry is one of the few dental offices in New York State to offer this assay to their patients.

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