Gentle Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions have always been a barbaric procedure… until now.  In Europe, tooth extraction techniques have been redesigned by Dr Phillip Gunnar, a Bio-Engeneer. The majority of European Dental Schools use his Ogram Technique to gently and effortlessly remove teeth.  While all dental schools in the US still teach the same old-fashioned method that was used by "barbers" and with tools made by blacksmiths in the 1800's. The tooth is literally rocked out of the bone and ripped out. this caused incredible bone trauma and destruction. it is common for the bone to quickly die or resorb after a traditional extraction.

Dr. Shvartsman is proud to offer the gentler Ogram tooth extraction method to his patients.

He as well as the specialists working at State of the Art Comfort Dentistry were personally trained by Dr.Philip Gunnar. By using the newly designed Ogram instruments and techniques Dr. Shvartsman can extract teeth gently, without the need to cut gums, or drill away bone. His patients experience less bleeding, pain and swelling afterwards and dry sockets are a thing of the past.

The Ogram System uses biology to help loosen the tooth in the socket and then by employing fundamental physics principle the tooth is gently lifted out of the bone. This low trauma extraction method does not damage the surrounding bone or teeth, Patients experience less pain after treatment and the bone does not resorb away. This is very important if you what a dental implant in the future.

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