Gum-Periodontal Therapy

Non-Surgical periodontal therapy and Laser Periodontal therapy is available at State of the Art Comfort Dentistry.

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Gum recession is a common, often undiagnosed oral health problem.  The simple fact is that most dentists do not view gum recession as a problem until it is too late. Why? Well why don’t you ask your dentist.  But first let's educate ourselves about recession. Knowledge is power, so read on carefully!

Common causes for gum recession are gum disease (periodontal disease), aggressive brushing, muscle (frenum) pull, and trauma.  Gum recession is exacerbated by naturally thin bone and gums around the teeth.

Laser Gum Disease treatment is now available on Long Island!  Our modern, state-of -the-art Long Island dental office is focused on minimally invasive laser periodontal gum disease treatment. As laser technology has advanced, so has our ability to treat gum infections with lasers. We now offer several laser gum disease treatment options at our Smithtown, Long Island office. 

Nearly 85% of the American population has some stage of gum disease, medically, called Periodontal Disease. It is a painless disease, often unnoticed by patients until their teeth get loose and start shifting. In addition, gum disease is the number one reason we lose our teeth today and it is a risk factor in several diseases including cancer, heart attack and stroke. The list of diseases grows yearly. Surprisingly, many people know very little about it. This is going to change. As the body of evidence regarding the gum disease- systemic disease connection grows, we will see more and more reports about this in the media.

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