Into the Heart and Soul of Dr. Alex Shvartsman

Whether you have been with our Smithtown Long Island dental practice from the very inception or a new patient you may have noticed that Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry (formally State of the Art Comfort Dentistry) is different in many small and large ways from the “typical”Long Island dental office. This is a story of how it came to be and a small window into the soul and purpose of my dental practice.

This is from the heart.

For me, dentistry is the perfect career.

It mixes my need to help people, with my interest in the sciences (especially Biology) and my natural artistic ability. I truly love being a dentist. In the late nineties when cosmetic dentistry was all the rage I spent close to a decade traveling around the country learning from the gurus of cosmetic dentistry. While I have no doubt that I helped many patients by improving their smiles, I soon discovered that there is a large number of people who have been suffering with dental fear, anxiety and full blown phobia. In fact, when people meet me for the first time and find out I am a dentist they often say "Don't take it personally, but I HATE dentists". Well, I do take it personally, because it offends the career that I love. While I still do a fair amount of cosmetic dentistry (in fact I believe all dentistry should be as cosmetic as possible), I decided to refocus my energy into a greater need.

In 2005 I decided to do something about people hating to go to the dentist. I stopped practicing dentistry in Glen Cove, and relocated my dental office Smithtown Long Island, five minutes from my home so that I can be there for emergency patients quickly. Instead of just building a regular dental office in Smithtown, I decided that is should have a purpose. That purpose is to provide dentistry in the most comfortable manner possible and assemble a staff that genuinely cares about the people we treat. Compassion, empathy, kindness, caring and professionalism are the pillars of the office philosophy. Much thought and planning went into the decor, uniforms, equipment and technology. It was a very expensive undertaking. I zeroed out my bank account and mortgaged my home.

I also took out a hefty loan.

I decided to go all in, because I believed so strongly in the cause and the need of such a dental practice. I invested heavily into advanced technology to make my patients experience as comfortable as possible. Dental Lasers, needle-free injections, 3-D digital x-rays, Nitrous Oxide in every treatment room (even for cleanings) became the norm not the exception in my every day  dental practice. I spent 4 years at North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset during my residency treating  dental patients under general anesthesia. That experience allows me to confidently work with anesthesiologists to provide IV sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry in my Long Island dental office when the need arises.

Having a clear purpose has put every staff member into the same synchronized mind set.

We all know what we are about. Its not just drilling teeth and scraping tartar. I can honestly say that I finally feel fulfilled as a doctor. I know that I am truly making a difference in peoples lives. I am grateful for my wonderful staff and the hundreds of letters form patients whose lives we have made better.  Although it still makes me sad that most of the dental phobic patients we see in our Smithtown dental office are a result of my colleagues errors, indifference and negligence. I regret to admit that, behind closed doors, phobic dental patients are often termed "pain in the ass patients" by some dentists. This attitude creates an atmosphere of annoyance and resentment. I take a different view. I realize that the stories must be heard, that more time needs to be spent listening, and that more effort has to be made to be gentle and empathetic. I will continue to buy every gadget that has the potential to improve the comfort of the dental care we provide. Some have been truly amazing, others disappointing.  But it is an investment that I will continue to make in order to stay true to the purpose of State of the Art Comfort Dentistry.

Our Smithtown Long Island dental office is dedicated to painless dentistry, and a healthier dental care approach.  If you are afraid of dental needles then we have the solution: all of our injections start with a needle-free puff of anesthetic using an innovative technology for your comfort, just like on Star Trek!

Office Video Tour : Click the movie below to see our serene office.

Every treatment room in our Smithtown Long Island dental office is equipped with a TV for your entertainment and waterfalls for your relaxation. Soothing décor and new age music will relax your mind and soothe your spirit. State-of-the-art noise reduction headphones and quieter electric drills help you enjoy a more tranquil dental experience. Many patients enjoy our complementary warm hand moisturizing treatments during their visit. CEREC, one visit crown technology, will save you time and multiple dental visits. Your comfort is ensured by our commitment to gentle dental care, sincere compassion, advanced training, innovative technology and a relaxing environment. Our super-soft dental chairs, neck pillows and cozy blankets will make you feel like you are sitting on a cloud.

Dr. Shvartsman always makes sure that you are completely numb before treating you.

For those who are anxious during dental treatments we offer Nitrous Oxide (sweet air), Valium, or Xanax to help you relax. We offer amny ammneetiesto make your visits cozy and comfortalble. These include: natural organic lip balm, Bose noise reduction head phones, moisturizing hand treatmetns, pillows and blankets, grip balls, and what ever it take sto make your more comfortable and less anxious. As you lay back and relax, your dental visits will fly by. It is not uncommon for patietns to actually  fall asleep during  dental treatment!

You will be pleased by our convenient early morning, evening and weekend dental appointments.

We are dedicated to providing you the Long Island dental office where you feel comfortable save and relaxed environment.

Our doors are always open for new patients seeking a comfortable dental experience.

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