Holistic Root Canal Therapy

Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry uses P.I.P.S. Laser and Ozone disinfection to fully make sure that there are no germs left in your root canal following treatment. This unique and unprecedented root canal disinfection approach is the brain child of Dr. Alex Shvartsman. By combining the best dinfection modalities together,  we are able to be sure that your root canals are completely germ-free.  Our Holisitc Root Canal Therapy combines bioceramic sealing and cadmium-free gutta percha to fully seal the root canal system with biocompatible materials. To ensure the no re-contamination occurs the tooth is adhesively sealed and biomimetically restored while under rubber dam isolation immediately foillowing root canal therapy.  This radicaly different and pattented Holisitc Root Canal Therapy approach is unique to Long Island Center for Healtheir Dentistry.

The sad truth is that it is not uncommon for teeth that have had root canal therapy to remain infected. The persistant root canal infection is usually diagnosed months or even years after the root canal treatment was done. It is very frustrating to find out that your root canal therapy failed after having spent a large sum of money, time and possibly pain.

One of the major failures of conventional root canal therapy is the inefficient sterilization of the root canal system by chemical means (mainly Chlorox bleach). Side branches of nerves and microscopic dental tubules are virtually impossible to clean with conventional liquid chemicals. Often, micro-organisms are left in the tooth causing persistent infection and perpetual release of toxins from the tooth into your body.

Root canal therapy for children Part II: Endodontics for partially developed adult teeth.

It is often hard to find a root canal specialist focusing on children Endodontics on Long Island.  Let alone one, which is actually good at managing children during dental procedures.  Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry has developed a reputation in performing root canal therapy for children.

Why does my child need a Root Canal? is a common question many parents have. 

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