The trouble with conventional root canals

 Many health experts as well as studies claim that conventional root canal therapy is ineffective at 100% tissue and germ removal from the tooth. This leads to bacteria and their toxins constantly leaking out of the tooth into the body.

The tissue inside the tooth consists of a main nerve trunk and its many side branches, a blood vessel and a lymph vessel and connective tissue holding it all together. The nerve  tells the brain if there is anything wrong with the tooth, and the blood vessel and lymph vessel serve to nourish and maintain the nerve inside the tooth.  When the tissue inside the tooth becomes sick and inflamed,  pain follows. Given enough inflammation, mainly brought about by deep decay and bacteria overwhelming the nerve, trauma, cracks in the tooth or root fracture, the nerve becomes necrotic and infection and abscess follow.

 The strategy that is taught in every dental school and used by just about all dentists in the USA is to ream out the main nerve trunk and use 5%Sodium Hypochloriode (aka full strength Clorox) to help digest nerve tissue and bacteria inside the tooth.  Unfortunately, the liquid does not penetrate all the tiny branches of the nerve and definitely does not reach the bacteria and other pathogens inside the millions of tiny tunnels inside the tooth called "dentin tubules". It is no wonder that root canals remain infected and continue to be the source of bacteria and toxins polluting to the body.

Most root canals are sealed with some type of cement and gutta-percha that contains cadmium, a toxic heavy metal.  Since all temporary fillings leak, the tooth never has a chance to be 100% bacteria-free. Chronic infections surrounding poorly done root canals can tax the body's immune system and resources reduce the body's effectiveness to fight other diseases. Many teeth have secondary canals that are hard to find. It is no wonder that root canal reinfections  and failures are a direct result of missing and not treating all the canals in the tooth.

Many health authorities have implicated conventional root canal therapy from chronic fatigue syndrome to cancer.  Many people, desperate to reclaim their health or to remain healthy have had all their teeth with root canals extracted. Loosing your natural teeth creates a whole host of additional problems too long to list here. To make matters worse, most teeth are restored with metallic posts that weaken the tooth and increase root frature risk. 

Root canal therapy re-designed

For years Dr. Alex Shvartsman has worked on developing a healthy  root canal approach that leaves a completely disinfected and fully sealed tooth.  Finally after acquiring the best of modern dental technology  and addressing all the shortcoming of conventional root canal therapy a technique has emerged to accomplish a holistic root canal. treatemnt.  Since teeth are a unique structure in our body, unlike other tissues, removing the nerve, blood vessel and lymph vessel, does not render the actual physical tooth useless. Today teeth can be restored to last our lifetime using modern, biomimetic dentsitry.

Improved diagnosis:

Using our Galileos 3-D low radiation digital x-rays, we can fully evaluate the root canal system like never before. Armed with more diagnostic information prior to treatment and identifying all the canals inside the tooth ahead of time assures that all the canals are found and treated.

Complete disinfection:

By combining the best available and proven disinfection modalities together,  we are able to be sure that your root canals are completely germ-free via our  triple disinfection protocol. Dual Laser Disinfection: The P.I.P.S. Laser and Nd:Yag laser disinfection fully removes all nerve tissue and germs from the tooth, including all the side branches and dental tubules inside the tooth.  Laser disinfection is followed by Ozone disinfection to fully ensure that there are no germs left in your root canal following treatment.  The triple disinfection protocol takes ¼ of the time of conventional chemical disinfection attempts.

Hermetic sealing of the root:

Once the tooth is fully disinfected, the tooth must be fully sealed to prevent bacteria form re-entering the tooth ever again. Canal sealing is accomplished using bioceramic cement and a natural flexible resin core to fully seals the root canal system. The bioceramic cement adheres to the tooth internally sealing it three dimensionally. Our 3-D sealing  fills all the side branches of the root canal as well as the dentin tubules in the dentin. In turn, the cement adheres to the resin core creating a mono-block. Both the bioceramic cement and resin core are non-toxic and biocompatible. 

Hermetic sealing of the top of the tooth:

To make sure that no re-contamination occurs the tooth is restored with a non-metal, fiberglass reinforced resin-composite post that has the same flexibility as the tooth. Since root canal treated teeth can be weaker other teeth, the fiberglass post is adhesively bonded inside the root helping to reinforce and strengthen the tooth and avoid root fracture. the center of the tooth is restored with a bonded core that is biomimetic (mimics the physical properties of the tooth) Bonding the post and the core while the tooth is isolate by a runner shield, ensures a contamination-free tooth restoration. This radically different and patented Holistic Root Canal Therapy approach is unique to Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry.

Final Tooth Restoration:

     All back chewing teeth (premolars and molars) require a crown to prevent the tooth from breaking. While the front teeth  may only require the post and a filling if enough of the tooth remains. This unique and unprecedented root canal disinfection and sealing process is the brainchild of Dr. Alex Shvartsman.

“Root Canal” no longer has to be a dreaded phrase. With our focus on patient comfort and commitment to a healthier dental paradigm, patients can rest assured that their root canal therapy will be a positive experience.








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