How To Avoid a Root Canal

Root Canal Therapy: Alternatives And Prevention

When confronted with a deep cavity inside a tooth, most dentists recommend root canal therapy, even if the tooth’s nerve is healthy and vital. Fortunately, LI Center for Healthier Dentistry can preserve healthy tooth nerves, no matter the cavity’s depth. Utilizing the unique technology of the SPECTRA system, Ozone nerve therapy, and other innovative procedures, materials, and technology, Dr. Alex Shvartsman has a ninety-five-percent success rate in avoiding root canal therapy for his patients!

The first critical step is to assess the vitality of the nerve inside the tooth.

If the nerve has not been contaminated by bacteria from a long-standing cavity and the nerve is nor irreversibly inflamed, Dr. Shvartsman’s vital Ozone nerve-therapy is the most predictable treatment option in order to avoid root canal therapy. Its key to success is in creating a bacteria-free environment that allows the nerve to heal and recuperate.

Once the nerve vitality is confirmed, all the decay is removed from the tooth.

Dr. Shvartsman utilizes a new generation of ceramic drills to selectively remove the tooth’s decay, all the while leaving the healthy tooth structure intact. Preserving healthy tooth structure is a core tenet of Dr. Shvartsman’s minimally-invasive dentistry philosophy.

The last remaining portion of tooth decay is treated with Ozone gas nerve therapy. Ozone gas fumigation specifically kills bacteria, fungi, viruses, and prions without any harm to human cells. Then, an innovative device called SPECTRA is used to scan the tooth and determine if all of the bacteria in the softened dentin is obliterated. The SPECTRA gives Dr. Shvartsman both visual and numerical confirmations in real time. Patients love seeing the progression and final disinfection of their tooth on the SPECTRA’s television screen!

Following the Ozone nerve therapy, the sterilized soft dentin is covered by a revolutionary new dental material that has been in development in Japan for over ten years and is now available in the United States. This material adheres to the building blocks of the tooth’s structure, softening dentin and allowing the tooth to remineralize.

The tooth is then sealed, and it is restored with a biomimetic resin-composite tooth-colored filling.

By using materials that mimic the natural structure and colorization of the tooth, Dr. Shvartsman’s restorations restore harmony to the mouth.

Unfortunately, Ozone nerve therapy does not work on infected or abscessed teeth where the nerve in necrotic, nor on teeth where the nerve in chronically or irreversibly inflamed. In these cases, the patient waited too long to seek treatment. But hope is not lost. Today, it is possible to remove all the tissue and bacteria from the tooth using the highly effective combination of the laser PIPS protocol in conjunction with Ozone nerve therapy. This modern technique allows Dr. Shvartsman to seal the tooth with a bonded adhesive core that keeps bacteria from invading the tooth yet again!

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