IAOMT Safe Amalgam filling Removal Protocol.





Dr. Alex Shvartsman is Long Island's only IAMOT Accredited dentist in the Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol. He also serves on the IAOMT Accreditation Board.

Dr. Shvartsman follows a holistic approach to dental treatment and focuses on safer silver mercury amalgam filling removal. Care is taken to minimize his patient's exposure to toxic dental materials including mercury exposure during amalgam filling removal. Silver-mercury amalgam fillings consist of combined metals, including silver, mercury, tin and copper; these fillings contain 50-55% mercury, one of the most toxic nonradioactive elements on earth.

Since amalgam fillings contain mercury, Dr. Shvartsman does everything possible to reduce his patient's exposure to mercury vapor during amalgam removal. He adheres to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) protocol (also known as the Huggins protocol).

Dr. Shvartsman has successfully passed the written and oral exam towards his Accreditation in the IAOMT and received his Accreditation Award in September 2013.

He also serves on the Accreditation Board in the IAOMT.

The Process

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The teeth are isolated with a Latex-free rubber dam. (It is important to make sure the dentist uses a LATEX-FREE rubber dam, as latex allow free passage of toxic mercury vapor.) An isolation suction device may also be used to contain the amalgam debris and its harmful vapor during the removal process. A nose mask attached to 100% oxygen is used to be protect the patient from inhaling mercury vapor, which is generated in high amounts during drilling. Minimizing drilling is also important. Dr. Shvartsman sections the filling in large chunks therefore minimizing the pulverization (drilling) of the amalgam and thus reducing the vaporization of the mercury.

Copious amounts of water is used to cool the drill and amalgam dust thereby reducing mercury vapor. The high-speed suction is placed next to the filling to remove the water, amalgam particles, mercury and the suction off the mercury vapor. A saliva ejector is placed under the rubber dam next to the area where the filling is being removed. This is a protection to suction any vapor that may go under  the dam and is now on the inside of the mouth. The saliva ejector and the fact that the patient is instructed to breath only from the nose are some of the precautions Dr. Shvartsman recommends to counter this problem.

Following the procedure the mouth is rinsed with copious amounts of cool water and all amalgam dust and particles are suctioned out. Every patient wears tinted eye protection for their safety. Each treatment room is equipped with an independent HEPA air filtration system that also has an ionizer to remove the mercury and other heavy metals that have escaped into the room and bacteria killing UV system. Each patient is covered with a full torso drape to minimize the mercury contamination on their clothes. To keep our environment safe, Dr. Shvartsman has installed an ISO certified Mercury Waste Water Separator to keep mercury from our dental office water lines from being dumped into the sewer system.

Following the visit, patients are given various supplements to bind an y mercury that may have possible snuck by the many precautions and defenses of the IOAMT Safer Amalgam Removal Protocol.

Dr. Shvartsman uses Bisphenol A-free tooth colored filling materials that are placed using the Biomimetic Dental protocol to ensure long lasting and safe tooth restoration.

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