Laser Root Canal Treatment

The sad truth is that it is not uncommon for teeth that have had root canal therapy to remain infected. The persistant root canal infection is usually diagnosed months or even years after the root canal treatment was done. It is very frustrating to find out that your root canal therapy failed after having spent a large sum of money, time and possibly pain.

One of the major reasons for root canal treatment failure is that bacteria and nerve tissue not being thoroughly removed form the root canal system.

Traditionally, most dentists use chemical rinses like bleach (chlorox), peroxide, chlorohexidine and iodine to disinfect and digest the tissue and bacteria inside the root. The trouble is  the nerve inside the root is designed like a tree: a main trunk and many intricate branches that spread sideways. Most of the branching occurs in the last 1/3 of the root tip, but sometimes branches come from the main trunk in the mid 1/3. Dentists can only clean the main trunk with thin instruments and rely on the rinses to "take care" of the branches. Unfortunately this does not alway happen even in the most experienced hands...

Today we finally have a dental root canal laser that can thoroughly clean all the side branches effectively and predictably: PIPS protocol with Er:Yag Powelase AT dental laser and pecially designed PIPS fiberoptic tips.

P.I.P.S. (Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming) is the only proven Laser root canal therapy today. Specifically, the Powerlase AT laser is the only dental laser that has been shown by several studies to completely remove all tissue and bacteria inside the tooth.  State of the Art Comfort Dentistry is the only dental office on Long Isalnd that uses PIPS during root canal therapy.  Although many other dentists claim to do "Laser root canals", the lasers they use cannot achieve what the Powerlase AT PIPS has proven to do. The PIPS protocol and laser tips are a pattented procedure only available to denitists who own the Powerlase AT dental laser. Just because a dentist owns a laser and sticks it into a tooth, does not mean that complete tissue and bacteria removal is achieved. In fact, no other laser has been shown to completely disinfect the entire root system.

Video Below demonstrating the photo-acustic stimulation of liquid in side a transparent tooth using PIPS root canal laser.

The PIPS system is the new, revolutionary method for thoroughly cleaning the root canal system using laser energy. Harnessing this power, the PIPS laser trough a specially designed fiberoptic tip creates shock waves. The laser energy pulsates through a disinfecting liquid  placed inside tooth's root canal. Because the shockwaves are contained within the tooth root, the solution is able to stream through the entire canal system, thoroughly removing debris and killing bacteria. As a result, the entire root canal system is left completely clean. This has been confirmed by powerful electron microscopes that can see even the smallest bacteria. The PIPS laser root canal treatment protocoleven kills bacteria inside the small side branches of the root canals and within the microscopic tubules inside the tooth itself (denitn tubules). Going beyond traditional rinse disinfection addresses the issue of bacteria and pulp tissue being left behind in the tooth.

Video Below showing tissue removal using PIPS Dental root canal laser in real time using clear tooth model.

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