Mercury Detox Protocol


There are many strategies to mercury detox. Some detox protocols are dangerous, some safe and some ineffective all together.  Dr Shvartaman uses his Naturopathic Doctorate training to advise his patients on the best strategy.  Before any detox, it is highly recommended to perform a mercury toxicity test.  Only then is it wise to even think about a detox program. Remember:

You cannot manage what you cannot measure!

Many people waste their time, money, effort and possibly endanger their health by going through various detox protocols without even knowing if they are toxic in the first place.

Perform the Mercury Tri-Test. If kidney and/or liver function is sluggish we start with a homeopathic lymphatic drainage followed by a liver and/or kidney function optimization program using botanical homeopathic remnedies and support supplements. Only then is it safe to start your mercury detox. Quick Silver Scientific has formulated a sound strategy to gently and naturally help the body to get rid of mercury.  Following a 3 month detox, the patient is re-tested and decision as to continue or stop depends on your individual results.

Why Dr. Alex Shvartsman uses QuickSilver Scientific Detox System: 

Dr. Chris Shade explains the best way to Mercury Detox



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