Night Bruxism Treatment

Could you be damaging your teeth every night and be completely unaware?

If one of the questions below is "YES" then you may be a candidate for GRINDCARE

  • Do you suffer from chronic headache, migraines, neck ache or backache?
  • Do you wake up with tightness in your jaw or face muscles?
  • Do you get clicking in your jaw joint?
  • Does your partner complain that you grind your teeth?
  • Do you have teeth that are worn or chipped for no apparent reason?
  • Do you have sensitive teeth?
  • Do you have gum recession or loose teeth?

You may be suffering form bruxism.

Bruxism is the technical term for harmful clenching and grinding of teeth. People who suffer from Bruxism unintentionally bite down too hard at inappropriate times or rub their teeth together. In most cases, it is while they are sleeping. Remember the only time teeth should come together is during swallowing. All other times can cause damage to the teeth, muscles of chewing or the TMJ.

The trouble with mouthguards: Many people find that wearing mouthguards at night to be uncomfortable or embarrassing. Often the mouthguards are spit out during sleep. Most mouthguards only protect teeth form wear, they do not address the muscles ort the TMJ joints. Mouthguards are made of plastic , rubber or silicone which may contain harmful materials such as BPA. Fortunately now there is a different solution.

Treatment for Bruxism with Grindcare

Dr. Shvartsman is one of only a handful of dentists in New York who is classified as a GRINDCARE CENTRE.

GRINDCARE treats teeth grinding with bio-feedback. 
Bio-feedback is a well documented physiological principle using gentle electric implseses to induce local relaxation of specific muscles. Bio-feedback is the reason for GRINDCARE’s efficient and lasting treatment of teeth grinding or clenching without the need for wearing nightguards.  Bio-feedback makes your jaws relax. 
GRINDCARE simply teaches you to stop grinding your teeth. Every time you grind your teeth, GRINDCARE stimulates your jaw muscles with a brief tension impulse, the so-called bio-feedback. Bio-feedback makes your jaw muscles relax and prevents you from grinding your teeth.

The GRINDCARE device is easy to use

GRINDCARE is almost as easy to use as a toothbrush. GRINDCARE 3.0 is an innovative wireless device, similar size to an Ipod. Your grindcare dentist can teach you to use the device so that you can do use it yourself afterwards with ease. 

GRINDCARE works while you sleep
. When you start treatment with GRINDCARE, you place the small sticky electrode / sensor on the chewing muscle, your temple (temporalis). Then you activate the device following the easy instructions on the screen of the unit. Within less than one minute the treatment has started and will continue while you sleep.

GRINDCARE counts clenching movements
In the morning you can see how many times during the night that GRINDCARE has prevented you from grinding your teeth and creating tension in your jaw muscles. You can see on the screen how successful your treament is, or in record mode you can see how many times you have been clenching and grinding your teeth.

Try GRINDCARE at State of the Art Comfort Dentistry!

Before you buy your own GRINDCARE device, you should make sure that this kind of treatment suits you. Dr. Shvartsman recommends that you contact us to make an appointment for a 4-week diagnosis and trial treatment.

Try GRINDCARE for one month
 at home. The trial treatment will reveal how often you grind your teeth and how efficient GRINDCARE is for you. Dr. Shvartsman has in-office software that can show your night-time muscle activity. He will go over your results and discuss if this is the right treatment for you. After the trial treatment you decide whether you should buy a GRINDCARE device and continue the treatment yourself. 

When you buy GRINDCARE through State of the Art Comfort Dentistry, you will have the securuty of a trained dentist. Grind care costs $1500. Included in the price is the initial 30 minute consultation, and a 30 minute follow up visit 30 days form initial purchace.  The device can be rented for a 4 week period to see if it will work for you.

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