Oral Myofunctional Therapy

Improper swallowing and tongue position are one of the single most damaging effects on the correct performance of our head and neck. This imbalance can lead to a variety of seemingly unrelated health problems. Dental problems such as tooth shifting, flaring or spacing are common with improper tongue position.

Unrelenting gum disease and gum infections, leading to tooth loss despite patient and doctor efforts is also common. Facial and oral pain such as TMJ pain, migraines or tension headaches, neck and facial muscle pain can be caused by  improper swallowing and tongue position. Facial structure imbalance, deformity and unevenness are also a frequent finding.

Airway issues such as snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea and forward head posture can be caused by tongue position issues. People suffering from any of the above mentioned conditions, Referred as the Moofunctional Syndrome, often spend years going from one doctor to another. Treatment  costing hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of decades of suffering is met with frustration due to non-resolution of their symptoms. Many people feel hopeless and even suicidal.

Dr. Mercola on Myofunctional Therapy Benefits

Myofunctional Therapy is an approach that is used to correct the improper function of the tongue and facial muscles used for chewing, swallowing as well as the relaxed state.  The bones in our body are dynamic. They change their shape and form based on the muscles that attach and pull on them.  Therefore improper muscle function has a detrimental effect on our bones.  Oral-Myofunctional Therapy uses muscle-retraining techniques and improving tongue mobility to create new muscle memory and brain networks to re-establish normal jaw, face and neck function.

The human the body needs to maintain a specific harmonious pattern called Homeostasis. However, as with any complex biological system, when an important function of the body is thrown off, breakdowns and problems ensue.  Establishing a correct relationship between muscles of the face, mouth, tongue and airway is the goal Dental Myofunctional Therapy.

Incorrect swallowing and tongue position can have devastating as well as far-reaching health effects. 

Since a person swallows 500-1000 times a day, improper swallowing can cause a variety of imbalance problems. However, it is the resting position of the tongue that does the most damage.  While several healthcare specialties can perform Oral Myofunctional Therapy, it is the Dental Professionals who are most familiar with te mouth and are best qualifgied to diagnose and treat the Myofunctonal Syndrome.

Myofunctional Therapist, Tammy Wood and Integrative Holistic Dentist, Dr. Alex Shvartsman of Long Island Center of Healthy Dentistry have been trained by one of the long time leaders, Joy Moeller, in Dental Oral-Myofunctional Therapy.  Together they are one of the few dental Myofunctional Therapists in the New York.

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