Ozone Root Canal Therapy

One of the major failures of conventional root canal therapy is the inefficient sterilization of the root canal system by chemical means (mainly Chlorox bleach). Side branches of nerves and microscopic dental tubules are virtually impossible to clean with conventional liquid chemicals. Often, micro-organisms are left in the tooth causing persistent infection and perpetual release of toxins from the tooth into your body.

It is not unusual for people to spend thousands of dollars and many hours in the dental chair only to have their tooth continue to have an infection requiring additional treatment, cost, time, pain and aggravation. Sometimes the tooth is lost despite all efforts to save it and at a tremendous cost due to conventional dentistry’s inability to properly disinfect the root canal system.

Amazing Success

We have been having amazing success with our laser root canal therapy protocol using the Powerlase AT’s Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming(P.I.P.S.).  Combined with the latest diagnostic tools such as the Galileos CBCT 3-D low radiation x-ray scan to see all the canals and identify infections and cavitations which are difficult to discern with 2-D x-rays our root canal therapy success has been amazing .

When it comes to root canal therapy removing all the bacteria from every part of the tooth is critical.  It turns out Ozone is the perfect addition in our effort to achieve 100% germ-free root canals.  Ozone or O3, a derivative of Oxygen, is highly effective safe gas that is used in selectively killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and prions, while not affecting human cells!  Ozone gas is safe and allegy-free.

Ozonated water combined with the Laser P.I.P.S. protocol is used in the initial stages of root canal cleaning and debridement. Ozone gas fumigation is the last step of our root canal disinfection process prior to sealing the root canal system. Ozone gas not only penetrates all the accessory root canal branches, but it also completely disinfects all of the millions of dentin tubules within the tooth.  By fully disinfecting the root canal system as well as the dentin, our patients can rest assured that their teeth are germ-free. 

Ozone works by creating peroxides, which is the way our own immune cells kill germs. This extremely effective germicidal use of ozone is completely safe, has no side effects and, unlike chemicals, ozone leaves no toxic byproducts.

Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry uses the safest ozone generating device available in the USA. In addition, we only use medical grade pure oxygen to manufacture our ozone for our patient’s safety.  If you have been diagnosed with needing a root canal don’t you want to have it done right the first time and have the best chance for success?

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