Ozone Uses in Dentistry

Ozone (O3) is a natural gas, derived from oxygen, that has been used for over 100 years around the world to help heal a whole myriad of health problems, especially infection.  Ozone gas is specifically kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and prions without any harm to human cells. Our cells have ozone-neutralizing molecules built into the cell membrane rendering Ozone gas harmless.

Dental Ozone machines are NOT created equal.

Many use ambient air to generate ozone, which creates a gas full of contaminants. In addition, many dentists use cheap machines made in China that dentists put together themselves. These machines generate dirty gas and often catch on fire and are dangerous.

Our office uses the Longevity Dental Ozone System, which is the safest dental ozone machine on the market that uses a clean 100% oxygen source.

Tooth decay

In our Long Island holistic dental office we routinely use ozone to disinfect teeth before placing the filling or other dental restorations. In addition, it has become a invaluable tool in avoiding nerve death and root canals.  We no longer need to remove the deepest decay closest to the nerve, which can lead to nerve trauma and subsequent "tooth death". By killing bacteria within deep decay using dental Ozone and then placing a new reminerilizing material over the softened tooth structure we can re-harden tooth structure and avoid root canals. This procedure is called a “pulp-cap”.  Ozone treatment of deep decay helps to eliminatre the need for root canals when the nerve is healthy.

Gum disease

We have incorporated Ozone disinfection to treat acute and chronic gum disease (periodontal disease).  Ozonated water is used as a pre rinse prior to dental cleanings and gum treatment to decrease the oral bacterial load and prevent bacteria in the dental aerosol. Combined with our powerful air filtration system we are able to maintain a clean air environment.  Deep pocked ozone fumigation and irrigation is used to disrupt the bacterial biofilm and kill bacterial, fungi, viruses and parasites around the teeth, gums and bone. We have even observed bone regrowth around gum-diseased teeth as well as dental implants.

Holistic root canal therapy

In addition to laser root canal disinfection, we use ozonated water as an irritant as well as Ozone gas to fully disinfect the root canal system and dental tubules.  Ozone continues to have a disinfection effect for weeks following root canal therapy. We have found a dramatic reduction of pain following root canal therapy when dental ozone gas is used.


Ozonated water pre-rinse prior to surgery is routinely used to reduce the bacterial contamination of the mouth leading to a cleaner surgical environment and a reduction of infections. Ozone gas is used to fumigate the surgical sites to help prevent infection, reduce pain and reduce inflammation.  Ozonated water can help speed up healing and help remineralize the bone. We successfully use Ozone during tooth extractions, cavitation surgery, Periodontal micro-surgery and dental implant placement.


Ozone gas infiltration into the TMJ can be extremely helpful. Recent research shows that a number of TMJ problems are associated with bacteria, viruses and fungi, which can cause chronic and acute inflammation resulting in TMJ pain. Dental Ozone  can also stimulate new cartilage formation.

Sinus infections

A growing number of people suffer form chronic and frequent sinus infections.  Conventional doctors use antibiotics for weeks and sometimes months to treat sinus infections which wreck havoc on our symbiotic gut bacteria. Ozonated water irrigation and fumigation can be an effective tool in combating sinus infection without the use for antibiotics and their side effects.

Mouth ulcers

Various ulcers such as denture sores, mouth cuts, apthous ulcers and herpes can be healed with direct ozone gas, ozonated water and oil treatments. Ozone helps to reduce ulcer pain, reduce inflammation and speed up healing.

Dental waterline disinfection

Our holistic dental office uses ozonated water to keep our waterlines clean and and bacteria-free for your safety and peace of mind.

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