Root canal therapy for children: Part I. baby tooth root canals.

Like it or not, even children sometimes need root canal therapy.   Kids who need endodontic therapy present with their own set of challenges stemming form behavior managment.  Many parents can be additionally nervous when their children need root canal therapy as there is much confusion and misunderstanding  when it comes to endodontic therapy in general, and especially when i tones to young children.  This article is the first in a series of articles about root canal theapy for children. 

Baby tooth root canal therapy.

The most common reason children need root canal therapy on baby teeth is from tooth decay that has been allowed to progress deep enough to reach the nerve.  The second most common reason is trauma.  In both situation the nerve becomes irreversibly damaged and begins to die. During the nerve dying process children can be in excruciating pain, followed by abscess or infection. 

Many parents question the importance or need of doing baby tooth root canals instead of extracting the tooth. It’s going to fall out eventually anyway, right?  Treating baby teeth in general is important because if an abscess occurs, the infection can damage the developing adult tooth.  In addition, most baby teeth act as space maintainers. If a baby tooth is just extracted, and the adult tooth is not ready to erupt, the adjacent teeth may drift into the space causing tooth crowding.  To correct this problem, generally requires expensive and time-consuming orthodontic treatment.  Only a dentist can advise you if a baby tooth should be extracted or treated.

Baby tooth root canals usually consist of removing only the top of the nerve, and generally requires a baby tooth crown afterward.  This procedure is most copmmonly performed by Pediatric dentists, who have advanced trainng in treating children.  We recommend Adelberg Montelvan Pediatric Dental because of their stellar reputation and modern technology.

Children's root canal therapy on Long Island.

When it comes to root canal therapy on children's adult teeth, Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry has developed a reputation for providing endodontic therapy for children and teenagers. Our on staff Endodontist (root canal specialist) has received advanced training in performing children’s root canal therapy.   Our philosopy of minimalaly invasisve dentistry, use of non-toxic materails and a holisitc paradigm appeals to health minded parents. 

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