Root canal therapy for children Part II: Endodontics for partially developed adult teeth.

Root canal therapy for children Part II: Endodontics for partially developed adult teeth.

It is often hard to find a root canal specialist focusing on children Endodontics on Long Island.  Let alone one, which is actually good at managing children during dental procedures.  Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry has developed a reputation in performing root canal therapy for children.

Sometimes teeth whose roots have not fully developed require root canal therapy.  This usually occurs because of deep cavities or trauma.  Depending on the health of the nerve one of 2 procedures is done, apexification and apicogenesis.

What is Apicogenesis?

When the nerve is not fully infected or dead it is possible to remove the diseased part of the nerve, while leaving the vital tissue alive so that the rest of the root has a change to grow to maturity.  This procedure is called Apicogenesis.  Today, new biocompatible materials allow root canal specialists to perform this procedure with increased success.

What Is Apexification?

Sometimes the entire nerve is infected and sick, requiring full removal of all nerve tissue form the tooth.  Although the root is not fully formed, usually enough roots exist to keep the tooth in the patient’s mouth. The longer the root the higher chance for keeping the tooth long term.  Apexification can be a challenge even for root canal specialists due to the need to seal a large opening at the end of the root. 

The choice between these two procedures is determined by the root canal specialist.  At Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry we have developed a reputation for taking care of children requiring root canal therapy.  Our holisitc approac of using of non-toxic materials, modern technology, materials and techniques has set us apart from the conventional dental office. 

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