Root canal therapy for children Part III: Adult tooth root canal in children.

Why does my child need a Root Canal? is a common question many parents have. 

By around the age of 6 most children have their first molars erupt. Combined with less than stellar brushing and flossing habits, a taste forcandy, juices,  and carbohydrate-rich snacks and since these are the first adult teeth to appear in the mouth, they are at the highest risk for developing cavities.  Sometimes the cavities get so big that the nerve becomes infected, requiring root canal therapy.  First molar root canal therapy is the most common endodontic procedure in children.  The first molar is also one of the hardest teeth to perform root canal therapy on, because of its complex root canal structure.  Getting it right the first-time, is critical as root canal failure is most common with the first molar.

While root canal therapy of adult teeth in children is not much different than root canal therapy in adults, the difficulty often stems form behavior management.  Fortunately, Long Island Center for Healthier Dentistry has an in-house Endodontist who is great with kids.  When all behavior management techniques fail, IV sedation is available in a safe environment.


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