Sleep/Sedation Dentistry

For the very anxious patient we offer Sleep Dentistry, or Sedation Dentistry, at our Smithtown Long Island Dental Office.  Imagine falling into a relaxed sleep and waking up with all of your dentistry completed in one visit in a safe and controlled environment. Our house dental anesthesiologists work side by side with us in the comfort and convenience of our dental office using the latest safety precautions and equipment. 

Dr. Shvartsman has had extensive training performing dentistry under sedation and general anesthesia. He spent four years at the prestigious NSUH-LIJ Department of Dentistry where he served as Chief Dental Resident and treated many patients in the OR setting.

Some dentist's idea of sedation dentistry is a pill cocktail.

Patients are given a handful of Valium like drugs and sleeping pills. This approach is taught during a weekend course all over the country and is heavily marketed to dentists.  The trouble with this approach is that it is not only dangerous, but the same doctor performing the dentistry is responsible for your life. Physicians do not do this, they work side by side with Anesthesiologists for the safety of their patients.   Splitting the doctor's focus between performing intricate dental procedures and maintaining the patients sedation and life has proven to be fatal on several occasions in the past decade. This is the reason Dr. Shvartsman focuses on providing your dental care while our anesthesiologist focuses on your safety and relaxation.  Since our anesthesiologists are physicians, we have found that the majority of our patients get 100% reimbursement for sedation by their medical insurance!
IV Sedation at State of the Art Comfort Dentistry:

The safe way to perform in-office Sedation Dentistry.

  • Dental care without any possibility of feeling pain.
  • No memory of the experience.
  • All of your dental treatment done in a single, relaxing visit.
  • You do not have to delay your dental care any longer.
  • Our Sleep Dentistry practice means you stop suffering and start smiling again.
  • Root canals completed in one visit
  • Crowns are made and cemented while you sleep using our CERCEC technology.

Who can benefit form sedation dentistry:

  • Extremely phobic dental patients avoiding dental care for years
  • People with a strong gag reflex
  • People who want to have all their work done in a single visit
  • People who have neglected their dental health for a long time
  • Dental Implant placement surgery
  • Multiple extractions needed to be done i one visit
  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Dental Surgery

Your Comfort and Safety Are Our Top Priority

Dental IV Sedation allows for relaxed and comfortable state that results from the use of intravenous anesthesia.  A combination of anesthetics first relaxes you, then produces profound amnesia and pain control.  You'll feel, remember and worry about nothing.  Patients breath on their own and reawaken soon after their dental treatment is done, with no memory of the procedure and having felt zero pain during treatment.

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