Zirconium Dental Implants

Recently, Zirconium dental implant  called Z-Look3 have been introduced into the U.S. market by a single company.  Patients with metal allergies, or those concerned about metal in their bodies now have a metal free dental implant choice.

Strong Dental Implants

These new innovative implants are made in an innovative manner using the Hot Isostatic Pressing Process which removes all of the metal components and produces a strong, virtually unbreakable BioCeramic. In fact, it is three times (3X) stronger than Titanium dental implants.

This amazing material is ZrO2A-TZP-BIO HIP

Another advantage of the Z-Look3 system is that the post and implant are one. Most titanium dental implants require a post to be screwed into them. Titanium dental implants are hollow in the inside to accommodate the screw, making them inherently weaker and some have split or crack in this hollow weak sone. The Z-Look3 dental implant is solid thought out and are very strong.

Holistic Dental Implants

This amazing material does not corrode, and unlike Titanium dental implants do not release metal ions into the body.

Now Zirconium dental implants come with a new surface called Evo Rapide. This surface is laser treated to create a surface that attracts bone healing and bone forming cells from your body to allow the bone to fuse to the implant.  This bio-active process is called osseointegration.

Worry-free Dental Implants

One of the major problems with traditional titanium dental implants has always been the screw loosening or screw breakage between the dental impant and the post. This is no longer an issue with the mono-block design of the Z-Look3 Zirconium dental implants. Now you no longer have to worry if your crown begins to wobble form a broken or loose screw. Loose or broken screws can be a costly, time consuming and stressful matter.

More Cosmetic Dental Implants

Aside from the many health advantages, Zirconium implants are white and do not show through thin gums. Which is common in the front area of the mouth when using black colored Titanium dental implants.

More Affordable Dental Implants

Since the post (called an abutment, dentally) is part of the Z-Look3 system, patients' do not need to spend additional money on posts which can range form $250-$875 for prefabricated and custom implant posts, respectively.  This is a significant savings if you need multiple dental implants!

Metal-free Dental Implants

State of the Art Comfort Dentistry is proud to now offer these biocompatible metal free dental implants to patients who want a metal-free option.

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