Ayurvedic Oil Pulling Rinse


If you have been wondering where to buy Ayurvedic Oiil Pulling Rinse, you have found the place!

Dr. Shvartsman's Ayurvedic Oil Pulling Rinse has helped many patients in his practice and is now available for purchase online.

Oil Pulling has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to treat  gum disease and other oral and health problems.  Many different oils have been used over the centuries. Dr. Shvartsman has developed an oil pulling rinse formulation to specifically treat gum disease.

After years of research and fine tuning the formula based on Peer Reviewed  Medical Journal studies and publications -- and achieving exceptional clinical results with the current oil pulling formulation -- Dr. Shvartsman is excited to finally offer his patented Oil Pulling Rinse for sale to the public. 

What is in Dr. Shvartsman's Ayurvedic oil pulling Rinse for sale online?

Only organic and minimally processed cold pressed oils are used in his formulation to take advantage of natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of the oils.

Ingredients include organic cold pressed sesame oil, organic virgin coconut oil, organic tea tree oil, organic peppermint oil. The current formulation has been upgraded with organic oil of oregano.

Each 8.5 oz bottle will last 6 weeks of daily use. We recommend a full 3 months of daily oil pulling to see significant results. This is why we recommend you to purchase 2 bottles.

When you buy Dr. Shvartsman's Ayurvedic oil pulling rinse you will recieve a corked glass bottle that is heat sealed to ensure freshness.

Oil Pulling has been scientifically studied all over the world.  These studies show that oil pulling has the following benefits:

  • Reduce oral bacteria
  • reduce gum inflammation
  • reduce mouth plaque
  • improve breath
  • reduce decay susceptability
  • reduce gum disease

If you do not have the time to make your own oil pulling rinse using organic, cold pressed oils, it is now available to buy online.


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