MI Paste

MI Pasteis available for sale and purchase.

MI Paste™ with Recaldent is a tooth cream that adheres to the tooth and delivers the building blocks of enamel:  calcium and phosphate. MI Paste™ supercharges the natural decay healing ability of your  saliva. Its action also buffers acids and reduces the destrucive effects of plaque acid effects on your teeth.

MI Paste™ is designed to remineralize and rejuvenate your teeth as it restores oral mineral imbalances that cause dental cavities and white spots on teeth. Made with Recaldent(CPP-ACP), a milk-derived protein, this professional dental cream replaces lost minerals and improves saliva flow. It is also a very effective and potent desensitizer for sensitive tooth surfaces.

Not only does MI paste prevent your teeth from decaying, reduce sensitivity and remove those unsightly white spots, but it also helps to restore your smile for a better, healthier you. MI Paste™ is safe for pregnant and nursing women. Take care of your smile with MI Paste!


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