Comfort Technology

Dr. Shvartsman employs every available piece of technology to ensure your comfort and ease during treatments.

Until now, dentists have had only two choices in the treatment of small cavities, known as incipient caries: using fluoride to restore enamel through remineralization, or “watch and wait” until it’s time to “drill and fill”.

Traditional dental handpieces are extremely loud because they use an air turbine - similiar to those in airplane jet engines - to power the dental drill. Instead, Dr. Alex Shvartsman uses electric dental handpieces in order to make every patient's dental experience more pleasent.

If you experience nervousness at the dentist, then Nitrous Oxide may make your dental visits more comfortable. Also called laughing gas and relaxation gas, Nitrous Oxide is delivered in safe doses, with a minimum of thirty-percent oxygen for your safety. Delivered through a nasal hood, the Nitrous Oxide gas is slowly inhaled, giving the feeling of relaxation and lowered anxiety. Many patients liken the effect of Nitrous Oxide to having a few drinks. Nitrous Oxide also shrinks the perception of time, so your visits feel like they fly by! After a few minutes of one-hundred-percent oxygen at the end of your dental visit, you will be back to normal, able to safely drive home and resume normal activities.

The noise from a dental drill is one of the top reasons why many patients avoid the dentist. At LI Center for Healthier Dentistry, we embrace any new technology that makes our patient’s visits as comfortable as possible. That is why we have new active noise-cancelling headphones available during your treatment. Many patients plug the headphones into their smartphones or MP3 players and enjoy music during their dental procedures.

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