Dental Ozone

Dr. Alex Shvartsman, the leading Long Island ozone dentist, utilizes ozone therapy to improve the success of many dental procedures as well as enhance the health of our patients. Ozone therapy eliminates the need for root canals in vital teeth with deep cavities. Dentists no longer need to remove all of the decay near a tooth’s nerve; this is an outdated approach that has lead many teeth down the path to root canal therapy. Dr. Shvartsman uses a refined protocol of Vital Nerve Ozone therapy that reduces the need for root canals by almost ninety-five-percent!

Improved Treatment Outcomes

The use of ozone therapy during surgical procedures, including tooth extractions, gum grafts, and dental implants, helps to reduce post-surgery pain and bleeding, and it improves overall healing. The use of ozone therapy during gum disease treatment has improved treatment outcomes, and it can also help with the healing of mouth ulcers and cold sores. In addition, ozone therapy works in conjunction with our already successful laser root canal therapy.

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