Over fifty-percent of Americans avoid dental care due to fear of pain! By using DentalVibe, patients will no longer have to worry or stress about injection pain. Fear will no longer prevent patients from getting the care they desperately need and the elective treatments they truly desire.

Experience Pain-Free Dental Injections!

DentalVibe® is receiving worldwide recognition from dentists!

How DentalVibe Works:

DentalVibe uses a unique, microprocessor-controlled VibraPulse technology to “close” the pain gate to the brain, blocking the discomfort of dental injections. The micro-sonic oscillations of DentalVibe’s comfort tips are pulsed in a controlled synchronized wave pattern. Along with an enhanced amplitude, the VibraPulse technology sends a soothing percussive – or tapping – stimulation to the oral mucosa. It is this stimulation that maintains a closure of the pain gate and allows the pain of an injection to be blocked!


An ultra-bright LED helps dentists easily locate the point of injection, reducing chances of a secondary shot.

Comfort Tips

DentalVibe’s disposable comfort tips are single-use and latex-free, and they are available in both adult and child sizes.


To block pain and discomfort, the breakthrough VibraPulse technology delivers a unique and soothing pulse vibration.

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