Laser Gum Infection Treatment

Gum disease is caused by bacteria deep under your gums and around your teeth. Moderate and advanced gum disease is traditionally treated with surgery that cuts away diseased gum and bone. Although this procedure shrinks the pockets, the tooth’s roots are left exposed. Afterwards, many patients complain of tooth sensitivity, increased root cavities, and aesthetic concerns. But we have the solution.

At LI Center for Healthier Dentistry, we offer a laser microsurgery alternative using the Nd:YAG Laser. This technology effectively vaporizes bacteria and diseased gum tissue from around your teeth. Then, a biologic adhesive clot is developed with the laser to help reattach the gums. This is followed by Laser Bio-stimulation to speed up healing and reduce discomfort. We have had tremendous success with this form of laser gum disease treatment! 

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