Nitrous Oxide Relaxation Gas

If you experience nervousness at the dentist, then Nitrous Oxide may make your dental visits more comfortable. Also called laughing gas and relaxation gas, Nitrous Oxide is delivered in safe doses, with a minimum of thirty-percent oxygen for your safety. Delivered through a nasal hood, the Nitrous Oxide gas is slowly inhaled, giving the feeling of relaxation and lowered anxiety. Many patients liken the effect of Nitrous Oxide to having a few drinks. Nitrous Oxide also shrinks the perception of time, so your visits feel like they fly by! After a few minutes of one-hundred-percent oxygen at the end of your dental visit, you will be back to normal, able to safely drive home and resume normal activities.

Nitrous Oxide levels can be adjusted to meet each individual persons needs.

At LI Center for Healthier Dentistry, each treatment room is equipped with a Nitrous Oxide unit. You can have this relaxation gas during any dental procedure, from a simple cleaning to a tooth extraction. Dr. Alex Shvartsman wants to make sure every one of your visits is as comfortable as possible!

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