Painless Injections

LI Center for Healthier Dentistry is focused on providing the most comfortable dental care possible. Many people are afriad of needles, and they avoid the dentist due to fear and hatred of dental injections Fortunately, LI Center for Healthier Dentistry has many new devices and techniques to make dental numbing both comfortable and stress-free.

Over fifty-percent of Americans avoid dental care due to fear of pain! By using DentalVibe, patients will no longer have to worry or stress about injection pain. Fear will no longer prevent patients from getting the care they desperately need and the elective treatments they truly desire.

The lower-back molars are the most difficult teeth to numb. Due to the thick bone surrounding the teeth, conventional local anesthesia does not work. Therefore, a dental block injection is often used to numb them. This injection requires an extra-long needle that is passed through the inside of the cheek into the muscle of the face, then down to the bone of the inner jaw. This is one of the most difficult injections to get right, and often the teeth are not adequately numb, thus requiring multiple injections. Sometimes patients experience an electric shock when the needle is passed near or poked into the nerve. When this experience happens, there is a risk of nerve damage, which may result in a permanent numbness of the lips or tongue.

No, you are not dreaming. Needle-free dental anesthesia is a reality at LI Center for Healthier Dentistry. Dr. Alex Shvartsman has dedicated his career to providing comfortable dental care to his patients, and he is always on the look-out for new technology to make dentistry as painless as possible. The Syrijet is a device that administers a local dental anesthetic with a puff of air, instead of a dreaded needle. Patients experience a rapid “pop” sensation from the puff of anesthetic, which is delivered via air pressure into the gum. The injection process is painless for everyone.

Our custom blended numbing gel makes our injections both painless and comfortable. Compounded by a pharmacist, our numbing gel provides fast, profound, and effective numbness of the gums prior to injection. It is even used by our dental hygienists prior to cleanings in order to provide a comfortable experience for those patients with sensitive teeth and gums.

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