Bitewing X-rays are used to detect decay in-between teeth, known as interproximal decay, but X-rays are no longer necessary to detect tooth decay in-between the front teeth. A new, minimally-invasive device called the Transilluminator uses a strong beam of focused light to illuminate the front teeth, picking up even small cavities. Dr. Shvartsman takes advantage of the anatomy of the front teeth: being flat, the front teeth allow light to pass directly through them. “We no longer take X-rays of the front teeth in order to identify tooth decay now that we have the Transilluminator,” Dr. Shvartsman says. “We are always looking for ways to reduce X-ray radiation exposure for our patients.”

The Transilluminator is also a useful instrument in identifying cracks in teeth as well as locating extra nerve canals during root canal therapy. Dr. Shvartsman utilizes the Transilluminator’s modern technology to provide minimally-invasive care to his patients.

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